Eyelash Extension Full Set W/ Master Lash Tech

$140 Full Set – Silk or Mink add $10


2 Week Lash Fill $45

3 Week Lash Fill $55

4 Week Lash Fill $65

(Silk add $5 or Mink add $10)


Eyelash Extension Full Set W/Lash Tech

$120 Full Set – Silk add $10 – Mink add $20

$175 Full set plus maintenance kit (lash shampoo & protector)


2 Week Lash Fill $35

3 Week Lash Fill $45

4 Week Lash Fill $55

(Silk add $5 or Mink add $10)

HENNA BROWS                   

-Henna Brow Tint $45 (Free Brow Wax during application)

Our Henna Brow tint is a natural alternative to traditional eyebrow tints. Its made with 75% plant based ingredients is vegan friendly and no chemicals or oxidants to activate it only uses warm water. This means it’s safer for clients AND for us spa girls. Plus, unlike traditional chemical-based tints that dry out or damage eyebrows, our henna brows coats the hair and locks in moisture keeping hair healthy and hydrated which often encourages hair growth. This treatment varies depending on skin type and products used. It can last on the hair for anywhere from 4-8weeks and stains the skin beneath the eyebrow for 1-2 weeks giving clients the micro bladed appearance without committing to the permanence of that procedure.

We also have six colors available to match any complexion or brow color. You can also mix our colors to create the perfect customizable shade.


-Eyebrow Lamination $45

-Eyebrow Lamination & Henna Brow Tint $80 (Free Brow Wax during application)


The latest trend in eyebrow beauty is eyebrow lamination it’s a keratin treatment that turns messy, unruly brows into straight manageable, Insta-worthy brows for up to two months.

Perfect for clients with lots of eyebrow hair who regularly need to comb and gel to keep them straight and uniform. The treatment is a two-step chemical process. The first chemical breaks down proteins and changes the structure and texture of your eyebrow hair. The second is a keratin treatment which builds the proteins back up and sets the brows into the desired shape. 

If your eyebrows appear to have a life of their own and you often find yourself combing them into the perfect shape and applying brow gel to keep them still than brow lamination is perfect for you!

Brow lamination is a non-invasive, semi-permanent service that can be applied to almost anyone whose brows need a bit more control. Best suited for a full brows that need to be controlled.

The service pairs well with our Henna eyebrow tints for the ultimate eyebrow makeover.



LASH LIFT & TINT                          

-Lash lift & Tint $75

-Lash lift & Tint w/Eyebrow Lamination & Henna Brow Tint $125                                                                           (Free Brow Wax during application)

Lash lifts are designed to give you incredible naturally looking curved lashes. This process imparts extra length and curl, eliminating the need for lash curlers completely. The benefit of getting a lash lift is that they are your own natural lashes,You don’t have to worry about the upkeep of your extensions or your mascara running. The best way to insure longevity is to avoid getting them wet following a procedure for 24 hrs