Customize your facial will be customized by our skin therapist to fir you needs
We use two lines Eve Taylor an Aroma Therapy based line that covers all your needs. This treatment is truly an aromatic experience, It is approved by the Oncology Esthetics. Beautycounter is a high performing skin care line that goes above and bend when it comes to our health concerns and skincare needs.

Blitz facial $60.00

For the person on the go. This is a way to achieve all the basic facial needs including cleansing, toning, exfoliant and mask and indulge in get a quick time out from your busy lifestyle.

Deluxe Facial & Massage Combo – $100.00

Luxurious facial incorporating all the facial products and techniques custom suited to fit your skin type. During this facial we will combine massage techniques creating this pampering treatment. you will start with a few deep breaths and relaxing massage movements throughout this facial that are focused on your face, back, scalp, hands and arm’s relaxing your body and mind.

Microdermabrasion – $100.00

With the use of ultra fine crystals and vacuum suction that can resurface the top layer of your skin. minimizing fine lines lightning sun spots and giving your complexion a fresher smoother look with no down time. Microdermabrasion will also rejuvenate and revitalize allowing your skin to properly absorb your products. (add on mini micro to any facial – ask for details)

Add On Micro to any facial $50.00

Add a mini Microdermabrasion to your facial to try it out and get one sweep of the micro for a deeper exfoliation. $50.00

Laser Skin Rejuvenation – Spot Treatment $50.00

We use safe and effective health care lines that can work on all skin types regardless of age, Gender & skin type. All the line’s offer formulas that range from extremely lightweight and deeply moisturizing to purifying & Rejuvenating. we cover all your skin needs.  This line is made with Essential oils, organic coconut oil, a natural cleansing oil that removes impurities and buildup, while simultaneously cleaning softening and moisturizing, we can help you even skin tone, exfoliate, increase firmness and reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores.

“Women should never half to comprimize her health in the name of beauty” Gregg Renfrew
We personally have been involved in lobbying for change in the cosmetics industry Joining Beautycounter in Washington to make big changes to remove toxins from our cosmetics. We will be heading to parliament in 2018. Canada has only band 600 toxic ingredients from skincare products to date,
You can feel safe using products that we use at the spa. Eve Taylor has been approved by The Oncology Institute & Beautycounter will never use over 1500 toxic Ingredients that could have potential hormonal disruptors & carcinogen’s. This is called our never list and they will never use them in there products. To find out if your products you are using are safe check out the Environmental Working Group – http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/?inlist=Y#.WZhNJxSMlz8 where you can import your own products and see what they contain You will get a safety rating so you can feel safe with what you buying for your family.