Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday 10-6 | Friday 10-5

Using Canadian made FDA approved products we can help take your lashes and brows to a glamorous state. Performed by qualified estheticians who are trained in skincare, safety and have years of experience. Let us help you achieve a non-invasive semi-permanent lash & brow service using only the highest quality products.

We use MISENCIL lashes and they are a Canadin based internationally recognized & FDA approved company. They hold multiple awards and remain ahead of ther game when it comes to trends and innovation.

A natural looking lash enhancement service will curl & lift your natural lashes. A tint will also be used on the natural lash to deepen the colour of the lashes.

Exfoliation experience with the use of vacuum suction and a spray of ultra fine Ruby & Sapphire crystals to resurface the top layers of the epidermis.

This service is used to tame unruly brows by placing each hair in the same direction, leaving a perfectly shaped brow.

Spa Ritual Manicure, Manicure with Shellac, File and Polish, Shellac Removal 

Waxing can also be a wellness experience. RICA wax had one simple goal: to create a new concept of wax, a Cosmetic wax with a natural formula, gentle and nourishing to the skin, with superior hair-gripping strength.