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Corrie Gallant

Owner / Award Winning Esthetician

Corrie Gallant is a philanthropist who is passionate about her work and most would say she’s a life lover & a true romantic in every way possible. Corrie is an adventure seeker who loves spending time traveling the world when she can, She loves to experience different cultures and ways of life from the experience of a luxurious overwater bungalow in bora bora to living in a tent for weeks in the jungle of Costa Rica. 

Corrie’s passion is photography & she is a huge animal lover. Just recently she adopted three crazy Bengal kitten siblings. When it comes to the beauty industry Corrie is passionate about safer beauty and has been an advocate on this topic. Corrie rebuilt the The Beauty Barn as a space where she could share with her friends, clients and family. She is a trained & certified in aesthetics she has even worked her way up to be and an award winning esthetician/lash tech. She had a background in holistic esthetics / medical esthetics and oncology esthetician. She continues to update her qualifications on a yearly basis and when it comes to advocacy she has attended meetings with multiple members of parliament regarding the outdated environmental protection act and was invited to Washington to attend 8 private meetings with congress members to speak on the topic of safer beauty & product regulations for the beauty industry. This topic is important to Corrie as one of her areas of focus is oncology esthetics. This is a safer oncology approved service & offered using oncology training international approved products.

Corrie has spent time Volunteering as an oncology cosmetics advisor with the Look Good Feel Better Foundation & the IRise Above Foundation. She was a big sister for several years with big brothers and sisters & She says that she loves giving back to her community where she can. Corrie is also the CEO & founder of an amazing event called ‘Awakening to Better Beauty’ this event offers a day where the spa invites the local community or the oncology department nursing staff to nominate a friend or loved one that has been going through cancer treatment. The Beauty Barn works with the local oncology department at the Brantford General Hosptial to invite a group of woman to join them for a complimentary pampering spa day including service’s, lunches, live entertainment & keep sake photoshoot. Approved for people who are hormonally compromised.

The Beauty Barn along with many volunteers, photographers & local business come together to make this day happen. “Corrie says: This is the one thing in my life I feel the most proud of creating. It takes a village to pull together such a special event. I like to think that the ladies are able to forget about the stressors of treatment just for one day. We want to create an event that allows these ladies to focus on nurturing themselves by experiencing a day of fun, laughter, indulgence and memories. 

This past year Corrie was asked to become the wellness ambassador for Brantford and Brant County. She was also  honored with the Business of excellence award as well as receiving an honorable mention along side the top 25 leading spas of Canada. 

Julie Hewings

Julie Hewings

Spa Manager

Jules is an adventurous, life loving mama of 2 bright boys and a beautiful rescue dog. She loves to be active in nature, and makes sure to spend part of each day appreciating the “wilder things”. She is full of creative ideas, and is a maker inspired by colour, travel, nature and interesting humans.
As our Spa Manager, Julie is looking to ensure your time spent at the spa runs smoothly, and is a positive experience from start to finish. Her bright and uplifting outlook on life is sure to inject a bit of sunshine into your day, and she loves to chat with our clients and make them feel special. With her background as a Certified Yoga Teacher, she contributes to our spa events, and is currently working on breathwork focus to add to her love of movement.
Julie has a small business of her own as well called Jewel BeLoved. As an advocate for sustainable fashion, she creates her gorgeous duster jackets from vintage fabrics and natural fibres.
Collaborations with the Beauty Barn Spa are ALWAYS in the works!!

Debbie Gallant

Debbie Gallant

Award Winning & Celebrity Hair Stylist

Debbie has been a hair stylist since the age of 18. She has competed and won multiple top stylist competitions in Toronto & New York. She’s even competed with some of the leading industry stylists. Debbie started her career as a teen and launched into the business full time as she worked her way up to owning a salon of her own. 

Her salon Scruples Hair Design in successful operation for 16 years, until Debbie decided to move to Toronto where she was scouted to work for luxury salons such as The Windsor Arms & Holt Renfrew with master stylist salon– Danial Galven. This was the hi-light of Debbie’s career where she had the pleasure of working on multiple celebrities. After living the fast paced life in the big city for 18 years Debbie was pulled by her heart strings when she found out that her mother had Alzheimer’s, She made the commute between Toronto and Brantford for a few years but finally made the decision to move back to her home town of Brantford to take care of her mother full time. 

Debbie is so happy to announce that she now has her very own one on one private boutique salon space in The Beauty Barn Spa. Her and her daughter Corrie share the space to do what they love while working out of the barn on their beautiful family property.

Amanda Doxdator

Amanda Doxdator

Esthetician, Medical Esthetics & Eyelash Tech

Amanda is a mother to a teenage son. She has a new adorable smokey gray kitten named Loki & she just recently took up golf and fell in love with the sport. Amanda has been in the beauty industry for over 10 years now. She found her passion for esthetics when she did a co-op placement at a spa. Amanda said she was eager to learn and wanted to pursue a career in the spa industry. She is now a fully certified esthetician and Medical Esthetician. She provides a wide variety of spa services such as facials, microdermabrasion, facial peels and the new favorite the oxygeneo facial treatment. She said she loves working with her clients and treating their skin care goals she finds giving the treatments to clients very relaxing. Amanda is also a fully certified eyelash technician and is trained in Misencil which is FDA approved, Her specialty is classic eyelash extensions and it is one of my favourite services to apply as well as eyelash lifts/ tints and henna brows. As an esthetician you’ll also find Amanda doing manicures, pedicures, waxing, swedish massage and body treatments, laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

“As an esthetician I’m always wanting to learn and upgrade my training. There is so much to learn in this industry that’s what keeps me on my toes. I’m always excited to see what the next trend in service’s will be. I love making my clients feel relaxed and rejuvenated, it’s such a warm feeling when you see someone you’ve just treated to a service leaving with a glow feeling relaxed and happy. That’s my goal when a client is leaving the spa.” -Amanda Doxtador


Kait Fowlie

 Tarot reader, Astrologer and Hypnosis Practitioner

Magick Woman, Kait Fowlie is a tarot reader, astrologer and hypnosis practitioner & we would like to introduce you to her & welcome Kait to our G&G event space this season. Kait is a full time Astrologer, Tarot Reader & certified Hypnotherapist who combines holistic healing methods with the esoteric arts to facilitate total empowerment. During our event Kait will help us to understand what each new moon & full moons meanings are wth a group astrology session. She will explain how to work with that particular moons energy & the sign it falls under. Kait will also be offering a sample tarot experience to enlighten and encourage you to step towards fearless growth and self understanding with a subtle message from the stars. You can learn more about what Kait has to offer by experiencing her full service lineup @ The Beauty Barn Spa this is a greater opportunity to receive in person messages from the universe & see what’s been written in the stars for you! 

Follow our magic women 

Erika Bowman

Erika Bowman

Registered Massage Therapist

Erika is one of the Registered Massage Therapists at The Beauty Barn Spa. As well as being an R.M.T, she is a proud chicken farmer’s wife. Her & her husband Kody are raising two sweet boys Nixon and Kael at their family farm in Burford. Erika says she absolutely love’s living in a little small town and was SO excited when Corrie opened the spa here. Before actually working at the spa, Erika volunteered at The Beauty Barns incredible event “Awakening to Better Beauty” and fell in love with the spa, what it stood for and everyone involved. She mentioned that this has been her favourite event to be a part of each year and said she feels so honoured to be a part of it. 

“I have been an R.M.T for almost 7 years now and provide a variety of treatments such as general Swedish massage, hot stone massage and Indian scalp massage. As long as you aren’t opposed to messy hair, you will almost always end your treatment with me with a scalp massage, because well… It’s the best part! My favourite part of being an R.M.T is providing a therapeutic treatment in such a beautiful and inviting space. The best feeling is when a client comes to you stressed and sore and you are able to totally change their mood or day around. Whether it’s purely a relaxation massage or treating a specific condition, massage therapy has such an incredible impact on mental and physical well being. I can’t wait to see/meet you at your next appointment!’ – Erika Bowman


Sara McCready

Reiki Master, Theta Healing Practitioner™, Light Therapy Practitioner and Mediation

Sara is an Intuitive Reiki Master and Light Therapy practitioner who uses energy work to create a unique one-of-a-kind experience for her clients. As a Reiki Master and Light Therapy Practitioner, Sara’s mission is to provide the highest energetic soul-care experience, for their physical, mental and emotional bodies. During our G&G event Sara will lead you on a guided visualization meditation that will take you on an ethereal journey somewhere between present and dream state where your consciousness can have an opportunity to wander. This is a great opportunity to see what messages might come through for you. This is a great time to take note of your experience & interpret those dreams.

Sara’s practice is such a unique blend of channeled energy & healing. To find out more about this angelic intuitive mentor & her Eveolution Path™ program follow Sara @illuninatedjoy  


RN BScN MBA CCNI - Cailynn Bateson

Nurse Cailynn Bateson

My name is Cailynn Bateson and I am Registered Nurse
with a bachelors degree in nursing (BScN) and a master’s degree in business
administration (MBA). I’m married, have 2 beautiful baby girls (5 years old &18 months) and live in the Brantford/ Paris area. Over the years I have had practice in a variety of clinical settings including Surgery, Emergency Department, Critical Care, Labour &Delivery, NICU and Community Primary Care; all of which have provided me with exceptional clinical skills. Throughout my career, I progressed into several leadership positions including Nurse Educator, Clinical Manager, Project Manager and Clinical Director. Education has always been a TOP priority to me and I truly believe that continuous learning and training is vital to maintaining patient safety, clinical skills and providing the best possible care for my clients/patients. I have obtained several continuous development certificates over the years with medical aesthetics services listed above. Medical aesthetics allows us to address some of our stubborn areas such as lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin while giving a natural looking appearance. Pair that with a PRP facial (or hair loss treatment), IV wellness drips, and a good skincare line, and you have the perfect treatment & prevention plan for aging.

“I can’t wait to meet you and look forward to partnering with you to accomplish all of your skincare goals.”

Visit her website

Andrea Miller

Andrea Miller


A registered reflexologist with extensive experience in reflexology and accuzone therapy. Andrea is a loving mother to two beautiful teen girls and brings a warm and gentle touch to our spa service menu.

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