Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday 10-6 | Friday 10-5

At The Beauty Barn Spa & depending on the service of choice we use some of the most deliciously scented Farmhouse fresh products combined with B-Barn or Spa Ritual products. These products were developed for slow beauty rituals like our body treatments. Youll also find thes products in some of the world’s leading spas. Which is why we are proud to carry these luxurious lines. The Beauty Barn was lucky to have been a chosen spa to have the Spa Ritual educator fly in from California to teach us first hand how their signature body treatments are performed. Awakening or relaxing the client while deeply nourish the skin. These specific body care treatments are a touch therapy that sets in motion a return to wholeness.

This deeply relaxing Slow Beauty Ritual includes a full-body manual mud application you will be wrapped in warm towels you can also upgrade to the sauna blanket if you choose a detoxifying mud.

Choose to increase your exfoliation to the next level with this full body gommage. Reveal a brightened glow with a gentle manual exfoliation that simultaneously exfoliates and leaves the skin hydrated.