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Our professional new and exciting chakra, energy & aura imagery technology has arrived. We are exited to conduct precise 3D aura-energy readings with our clients. This professional technology was first introduced to me when traveling in Arizona 5 years ago. A group of my girlfriends and I had our readings done with this specific system & it was extremely accurate for each of us. I’ve been seeing this service pop up at exclusive spas across the globe and we’re excited to be the first spa in Brantcounty to provide this advanced technology. You will see your readings happening in real-time & we can talk you through your session.

This experience will show you captured images of your aura and so much more by using the state-of-the-art imaging software & sensor.
Your real time reading will be displayed as an image along with a 3D video showing your energy graphs. Not only does it show you the image but there are also detailed reports that will provide you with:

Extremely in-depth analysis of your chakra levels

how far your individual aura wave travels

aura projection power

relaxation levels

balance graph between mind body & spirit,


Yin-Yang color energy

detailed aura script explaining your personalized colors and what that means about your energetic personality.

We have full, one-on-one readings available, as well as a discounted rates for all of our clients with existing appointments.
Imagine your spa experience continuing at home while you flip through your 14 paged personalized reading material with a warm beverage in hand.

This is a lovely way to get to know your self better with a comprehensive workbook that can visually show you how your unique colour energy translates as how you energetically show up in the world. Explore deeper with explanations in mind/body, social life, relationships/intimacy, career/finances, health, well being and growth.

FULL 1 on 1 AURA READING $79.00

ADD ON AURA READING $49.00 (Available with any service provided at the Beauty Barn)

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