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An experience of a sacred sound bowl massage is a treatment where your therapist will place a large Tibetan singing bowl on different chakra points on your body. The bowl will be chimed to create soothing sound vibrations allowing the frequency of the chime to resonate through your body before each area is massaged.

The vibrational frequency’s synchronize together to create harmonious tune that will affect your body and rebalance your chakras. This treatment is geared to help with many different issues & the best way to experience this is to relax your breath and still your mind so you can drift away during this silent treatment

This sought after treatment is very popular throughout the worlds most prestigious spas and we are proud to bring it to the brantford area. so beneficial because our body’s

When you add muscle manipulation & sound bows it is said to help achieve a much deeper sense of relaxation and I can tell you from experience it really is an extremely relaxing experience.

$130 – 75min massage treatment & it includes the customized use of multiple bowls and finishes with a luxurious scalp massage.


  • Reach extreme levels of relaxation & meditative states
  • helps to rejuvenate a tired body and mind.
  • Sound vibrations help to rebalance your chakras.
  • Helps to reduce pain and depression
  • Can also help to improves mental clarity. Sound vibrations generate patterns at certain frequencies that will induce a deeper, meditative and peaceful state of mind & body as energy is transferred into the cells and muscles.
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