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Hours - Mon - Fri 10-6 (Sat-Private Events) Closed Sunday's

One of our most relaxing facials is the luxurious facial incorporating all the products and techniques custom suited to fit your skin type. Your service will start with a few deep breaths and relaxing massage back massage, leading into your facial treatment that includes a deep double cleanse, toner, exfoliant, extractions upon request & mask. You will also receive combined swedish massage techniques during your facial experience. Relaxing massage movements throughout this facial treatment will take you to a state of bliss as we focus on your face, hands & arms, neck & scalp. 

At the time of booking please note any upgrades of Oxygeneo, Microdermabrasion or hydrating Gel peel-off mask to allow for a proper booking time.

  • Deluxe Facial & Massage Combo – $100.00 (75min)
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