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Hours - Mon - Fri 10-6 (Sat-Private Events) Closed Sunday's

Indulge in one of our unique facial experiences. You can choose from one of many innovative facials that will be performed by a qualified & certified skin care therapists.

Oxygeneo incorporates a three in one service of exfoliation, Oxygenation & infusion. With an option for RF skin tightening.

Facial peels or chemical peel is a technique used to improve and smooth the outermost layers & texture of the skin. helping with scaring. and brightening.

Exfoliation experience with the use of vacuum suction and a spray of ultra fine Ruby & Sapphire crystals to resurface the top layers of the epidermis.

For the person on the go who needs to take care of there skin on a tight time schedule we have a quick lunch break facial for you.

One of our most relaxing facials is the luxurious facial incorporating all the products and techniques custom suited to fit your skin type. 

Tripolar Skin tightening – Using the most advanced Radio Frequency technology in the industry we can now offer a non invasive skin tightening, smoothing and lifting effect for the skin.

Awaken your senses and open your heart to this beautiful crystal great facial. This facial is the ultimate and luxury.

Facials aren’t just for the face! Think outside the box and treat yourself. Using Our Oxygeneo Machine we can Exfoliate, Oxygenate and Infuse the skin not only on your face but on your back Chest or tush.


Promote skin repair and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars, stretch marks with  Dermaroller 

The eDerma Stamp by Dermaroller features the highest quality, medical grade, sterile needles – optimally placed for precision penetration and maximum safety. With the fastest motor on the market, the eDermaStamp offers the best results and eliminates reckless tearing of the skin imposed by imitation devices.

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