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Picture this: three besties – Amy, Michelle, and myself – stepping into the whimsical world of the first of the newly launched Pottery On Seven workshop’s, eager to dive headfirst into a night of creativity and laughter. Armed with nothing but enthusiasm and a touch of nerves, we were about to embark on a pottery adventure like no other!

As we entered the Pottery On Seven workshop, owned and operated by the talented Barb Dzsudzsak, we were greeted by an atmosphere buzzing with creativity and excitement. Despite our initial nerves about our artistic abilities, we were determined to embrace the experience wholeheartedly.

From the get-go, the atmosphere in Barb Dzsudzsak’s studio was electric, buzzing with anticipation and artistic energy. Barb, a fellow female entrepreneur & a long time spa client with such a contagious smile and boundless passion for pottery, welcomed us with open arms, instantly making us feel like part of the family.

As complete novices to the pottery scene, we were a tad uncertain about what lay ahead. But Barb’s warm encouragement and expert guidance quickly put our worries to rest. With her patient instruction, we dove into the world of clay, each of us channeling our inner artist as we spun the pottery wheel with wild abandon.

The workshop not only taught us the technical aspects of pottery but also encouraged us to explore the deeper wellness-related aspects of trying something new. We learned the importance of stepping outside our comfort zones, even if there was a risk of not excelling. Barb herself emphasized the beauty of imperfection and encouraged us to find creativity in our mistakes.

But let’s be real – it wasn’t all serious sculpting and intense concentration. Oh no! Amidst the clay-covered chaos, we found ourselves giggling like schoolgirls, making hilarious mistakes & a big messes (with our re-enactment of our Patrick Swayze ghost scene. Lets just say Barb may need to add no Ghost scene reinactments to the waiver! sorry about that Barb 😉 Oh the story’s we’ve just created, along with cheering each other on as we attempted to mold our clay into something vaguely resembling art Barb was able to course correct and help us create some unique pieces.

Throughout the session, we found ourselves immersed in the meditative process of molding clay. With Barb’s expert guidance, we embraced the imperfections of our creations, finding beauty in the uniqueness of each piece. It was a reminder that life, like pottery, is full of imperfections just like us, and it’s how we embrace and celebrate them that truly matters.

Barb was the ultimate pottery guru, offering pearls of wisdom and nuggets of advice with every turn of the wheel. Her infectious enthusiasm was downright contagious, infusing us with a newfound sense of confidence and creativity.

As the night wore on, our creations began to take shape – some a bit wonky, others downright masterpieces (if we do say so ourselves!). But regardless of the end result, what mattered most was the laughter shared, the memories made, and the bonds strengthened.

As we took moments to reflect on our experience, we realized the profound impact it had on our overall well-being. Stepping out of our comfort zones not only sparked our creativity but also instilled a sense of accomplishment and empowerment. We left the workshop feeling inspired and rejuvenated, with a newfound appreciation for the beauty of imperfection.

Leaving the studio that night, we were positively buzzing with excitement and pride, we chose our glazes and Barb will be finishing the glaze & fire for us. We look forward to picking them back up & seeing our clay creations complete like precious treasures that have a great memory of a night out with my gals. Our hearts were full, our cheeks sore from laughing, and our spirits lifted by the magic of pottery and friendship.

Bringing the lessons from the pottery workshop into our own lives, we vowed to continue seeking out new experiences together and embracing the unknown. We understood that true growth and wellness lie in our willingness to explore, create, and find beauty in the imperfections of life.

So here’s the deal, folks: if you’re looking for a night out that’s equal parts fun, laughter, and creativity, look no further than Pottery On Seven. Join us in spreading the word about this hidden gem of a workshop, and let’s make Barb’s pottery dreams come true, one spin of the wheel at a time!

Cheers to pottery, friendship, entrepreneurs and endless laughter! Cheers to you, Barb, for stepping out of your comfort zone to share your knowledge with the world. We are wishing you all the success with your new workshops.

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