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Cacaos is a super plant food that we like to call a heart opener or a cup of love. 

This is because it is a superfood with a unique combination of chemical compounds and active agents -including theobromine &  “love chemical” phenethylamine, as well as the “bliss molecule” anandamide.  It has been scientifically proven to elevate our mood because it increases all those natural Serotonin and dopamine love chemical. It also shows as having some of the highest level’s of melatonin found in nature among many others benefit. 

You can include this into your routine or even switch that morning cup of coffee into something heather thats a better option for body & mind.  Keith’s ceremonial grade cacao is not like any other cacao out there it completely trumps any grocery store brand I’ve ever tried because it is the purest and sustainably harvested from the local community in Guatemala. Did I mention it’s the best tasting Cacao on the market.  

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