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Revive sore and tired muscles, ease your mind and melt away with targeted RMT bodywork sessions & Esthetic body treatments. Our expert therapists will help guide you on a path to zen, wellness and muscle recovery.

RMT Massage

Seasoned and skilled therapists will discuss your concerns and customize your treatment to help balance your musculoskeletal system.

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Prenatal Massage

Facial peels or chemical peel is a technique used to improve and smooth the outermost layers & texture of the skin. helping with scaring. and brightening.

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Jade Stone Massage

Jade Stones promote relaxation and vitality. When heated and used in massage it can help to release toxins and inflammation.

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Soothing Sound Bowl & Massage combo

An experience of a sacred sound bowl massage is a treatment where your therapist will place a large Tibetan singing bowl on different chakra points on your body. 

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Cupping massage is a  modality performed by placing cups on the skin to create a suction, pulling your skin upwards into the cup. This will increase the blood flow to these areas which results in faster healing to that area. After the treatment, you will have marks (popped blood vessels) where the cups were placed and these typically will go away within 2-14 days.

45min $100

1hr $120


(For this service you’ll be fully clothed, you will want to wear athletic apparel that you able to be mobile wearing) 

Thai on the table deep pressure massage it is a unique massage practice it was invented from a Thai inspired body work modality. This technique is slow, deep & relaxing. We utilized yogic like stretching & poses of the receivers body to lengthen the muscle fibres. Then once we have the client in place/stretch & with the use of our own body we will sink slowly and deeply into many areas of the body and into the already lengthened muscles. This style of body work helps us provide deep pressure in a very relaxing way. This modality can help us achieve similar results of a deep pressure massage but in a more enjoyable way. 

Unlike traditional massage where we’re needing the muscles this technique is all about slow steady pressure.  We can also find trigger points and ease tension in those areas. The therapists uses her own body’s tools like her hands, forearms and elbows for the treatment & she is trained to use her scenes to communicate with the muscles of the clients body a long with verbal ques to know when the client would like her to relax into the spots or to sink deeper on a trigger spot. We will hold there until she feels the relax and release, creating ease in the body & muscles. This technique is very relaxing it is completed with the client fully clothed and will aid in loosening tight muscles, stress as well as helping with mobility.

1hr $120.00

2hr $200.00

3hr $295.00


SARGA BODYWORK® originated in Hawaii it is a barefoot massage method that use a fabric strap fastened to a lowers massage table this is to help the practitioner balance as she delivers a therapeutic myofascial and deep tissue techniques. This length of fabric used by practitioners create stability for the provider and add tensional and gravitational force to specific manual therapy methods.

This myofacial technique where the therapist uses a broad contact with her feet on the clients body to facilitate less restriction & more coverage to apply a deep, slow pressure treatment which results in a very relaxing service while also moving blood and lymph throughout the body. This service is recommended for active individuals. 

1hr $120

90min $160 (Full Body)