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Every year at this time The Beauty Barn along with some amazing volunteers host our favorite event of the year, Awakening To Better Beauty event. 

With COVID throwing a wrench into all the amazing beauty barn events that were planned for 2020. We decided it wasn’t in anyones best interests to keep any of those events going until the risk of having that many guests and volunteers in our small space would be safe. 

This year we decided to cancle all our big events including our annual open house, Our pop up Muskoka spa, our outdoor market and our favorite event Awakening to Better Beauty event. 

For those of you who don’t know what our Awakening event is about. It’s an amazing event that we created for women in our community who are undergoing cancer treatment. The day involves some complimentary spa service’s like hair / wig styling, makeup, nails, reflexology, massage, lunch, tea party, keepsake photoshoot, the works. Its all put on by volunteers and it takes place at The Beauty Barn. We started this event in 2015 and since the opening of the beautybarn we have made it a yearly event.  

This year it broke our hearts knowing the best decision is to halt on the event because our Awakening event has some of the most at risk when it comes to the pandemic because of there compromised immune systems.  

One of the members of the BGH oncology departments nursing staff reached out to us to let us know that this is such an important event for the chosen women and it gives them something to look forward to. There asking if there is a way that this years event could still move forward. Of course we reassess how we could still make it happen. Our answer is YES! It will happen but it’s going to be a little different as we can not host the actual event. But what we can do is continue to offer the nominated women the amazing designer gift bags that are filled with donations & a complimentary spa service’s on a private one on one basis.  

We have just been collecting health minded & wellness donations to go into the bags. Including but not limited to: BBarn oncology approved spa service’s, Farm House Fresh product, Davids Toothpaste, Spa Ritual, Kevin Murphy, True Earth, Donated Book by author Shannon Hugman, Go Kotta Wellness, flowers provided by wildflower, Your Home your story, Gifts provided by anonymous individuals and more gifts for the bags on the way. 

This year as we are not able to hold the event we are inviting the nursing staff at the Brantford oncology department and our local community to nominate yourself or someone you know to be a chosen recipient of Awakening 2020. You can do so by sending us a letter with the story of your nomination and why you would like to see her become a recipient of this years Awakening event. Letters must be received before Oct 30th 2020. Please direct all letters to subject: Awakening Nomination 2020 All letters will be handed off to our Awakening advisors to make the hardest decision in choosing the final selected nominees. 

If you have been a donator in the past or would like to be a part of this years event by donating. Each year we end ask for 10 nominations but receive up to 15 letters. So this year we’re asking for 10-15 of the same donation to keep each bag the same.  Please send us a private message or email letting us know what you would like to add to the gift bags. 

“Cancer doesn’t stop because of Covid”  – RN & Awakening advisor, Debbie Bang

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