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Exploring The World Of Massage Therapy
Blog Written by: Sandy Pedley

In today’s fast-paced and stress-filled world, finding moments of tranquility and rejuvenation is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One such avenue towards well-being is massage therapy, a time-honored practice that combines the power of touch with ancient healing techniques. I invite you to embark on my journey into the fascinating world of massage through the eyes off a massage therapist. 

At the heart of the Beauty Barn Spa, we have the privilege of working with some talented professionals and I’m the newest of two RMT’s to join the team. Everyone on the team possesses an unmatched passion for promoting health and wellness & I hope to bring this same passion to the table through the art of massage therapy. I graduated from Fanshawe College in June of 2022, and started working at the Spa in October 2022. Before I completed my education I met with the resident RMT & the owner of the B-Barn to inquire about employment in their space once I completed my certification.

I believe it’s important to go after what you want in life and take a chance if it’s something your passionate about and it paid off. Once I completed my schooling I continued into honing my skills. I wanted stand out by providing my clients with a variety of unique personalized treatments and this spa was in full support of this. Each service I trained in can be tailored to the unique needs of each client and there preferences.

We hold so much tension in our muscles fibers whether it be job related, injuries, sport related or even times of stress.  Massage therapy is a great way to relieve tension in the body. It can also just be relaxing, help with pain management and even improve circulation. 

There are many different types of massage each with their own unique benefits and the following techniques are the ones I offer. 

Exploring My Different Massages Services:

Swedish Massage: The cornerstone of massage therapy, the Swedish massage technique is known for its ability to induce deep relaxation, relieve muscle tension, and enhance circulation. I employ long, flowing strokes, kneading, and gentle stretching motions to relax the body and mind, allowing clients to unwind and recharge.

Cupping Massage: The first alternative massage course I learned after school was completed was cupping therapy. Cupping therapy is done with glass cups being placed on the area of focus, increasing the blood flow to speed up the healing time in that area. This is a great option for sports injuries or specific areas of tension. With cupping, there will be marks left on the skin (Broken blood vessels) it can last for for 2-14 days post treatment but subsides similar to a bruise. Many people see significant improvement after a single treatment. 

Sarga Massage: Originating in Hawaii and recent trainings coming to Montreal Canada!  This massage is a deep pressure massage, focusing on moving the lymph and blood throughout the body. The table is lowered to the ground, and the therapist uses a silk for balance, I then use my feet to perform the massage. Balancing with the silk ropes on my body for leverage and support, I use one foot to balance and the other to glide along the clients body. I will focus on one area at a time. This technique involves applying firm pressure and slow gliding strokes to reach the deeper layers of muscle and fascia promoting both physical and mental well-being. I’m happy to share that at this time very few therapists can perform this in Canada and I am proud to say I am one of them! For those seeking relief from chronic muscle pain or specific issues.

Thai On The Table Massage:  In March 2023, Corrie the owner of Beauty barn spa took me on the trip of a lifetime to expand my skills in Costa Rica. We went to an outdoor Jungle school to learn Thai On The Table Massage. This technique was created & hosted by Drew of Navina Community.  Thai on the table was developed by Drew with a Thai inspired practice. It is more of a deeper, safer, slower massage that uses compression of the muscles and stretching for the ultimate relaxing experience. This treatment is done fully clothed in athletic apparel so you have a wide range of motion & is great option for everyone!  While we were in Costa Rica, not only did we get a one on one learning experience, but we also got to travel around and see the country! We would start off each day by getting woken up by the howler monkeys at 5am. These are one of the loudest animals in the rainforest – so it was very easy to hear them, especially since we were staying in tents, way up a mountain, in the jungle! We would then make our way up to the platform that had a phenomenal view where we would wake up with some movement practice to make sure we were all stretched out for the day. While we were there, we were treated with 3 delicious authentic Costa Rican meals a day,  prepared by the local women in their community – fresh, vegetarian meals. After we had completed class for the day, we had free time! Each day we did a different activity, whether it was hiking even further up the mountain, going ziplining, hiking to waterfalls, going on a mangrove tour or going into small towns and the beaches! All of these were amazing experiences, but my favourite would have to be going to the private “secret” beaches, or the ziplining tour! As our 9 day trip came to an end, I was sad to leave! We made some amazing friendships, and waking up to the view we had would never get old. Although this trip was WAY outside my comfort zone, it pushed me to try new experiences and I will never forget this trip of a lifetime. 

My journey into the world of massage therapy has been exiting. It all began with a deep desire to help others and provide a healing touch. I dedicated my time to all the above extensive trainings mentioned and now I am honing in my skills with the hopes to master these massage techniques and my intuitive understanding of the human body. Through practice and continuous learning, I feel I have already gained a wealth of experience and an intimate understanding of the profound impact massage therapy can have on individuals’ lives. I’ve even been invited back to my College to speak to new massage students about my experience and inspire & encourage future students to chase their dreams.

With massage therapy you’re accessing a holistic approach to well-being, addressing physical, mental, and emotional aspects of health. With dedication, expertise, and passion I hope to be an invaluable asset to The Beauty Barn. Whether you seek relaxation, relief from pain, or to enhanced athletic performance, the diverse range of massage techniques you can find at the spa caters to all our clients unique needs. I hope to see you soon as you step into our world of healing hands and experience the transformative power massage therapy can bring you.

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