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Blog Written By: Sara McCready

Did you know the glands in your body, such as the adrenals, thyroid, thymus and pancreas are key to the overall health and wellbeing of your physical body?
These glands release and regulate biological processes in your body including development of the brain and nervous system. Our hormones secreted from these glands are carried through the bloodstream to our organs and tissues.
Being in a constant state of stress changes and disrupts your natural hormonal response within your body, which then contributes to a dysregulates nervous system – hello cortisol overload!
This can become a contributing factor to your nervousness, anxiousness, depression, hair loss, weight gain/loss, insomnia, chronic fatigue, and more.
Because your body is in a constant state of nervousness and dysregulation, it is releasing higher levels of cortisol – this is the hormone that is released when we’re moving into “fight, flight or freeze” response; which impacts your glands and organs, such as adrenals (bring on the adrenal fatigue), thyroid, thymus, and pancreas to name a few.
Did you also know your chakras are the life force energy running through you, and they are linked to how we feel in the physical world & in our bodies.
During stressful times in our lives, we begin to shut down not only physically, mentally and emotionally, but just as significantly – energetically!
A dysregulated nervous system creates energy blockages in our chakras system and can be experienced in the physical body as brain fog, memory loss, serious medical issues, or conditions such as autoimmune diseases.
An unbalanced chakra system or energetic body is also one of the reasons why we experience the intensity of the emotions during times in our lives when we are experiencing an overload of stress.
It’s more than just our physical and mental bodies we need to harmonize. We must look after our energetic bodies / Chakras too!
A Reiki session restores and balances your energetic body, and leaves you feeling peaceful, serene and completely relaxed!
When in a relaxed state you’re giving your physical body a chance to help repair & heal itself.
This will lower the levels of cortisol and elevate the levels of the feel-good hormones: serotonin, oxytocin & dopamine.
Which creates balance in your physical body and mind, and allows you to process whatever heavier emotions & stressors you may be experiencing, easily & gently.
Reiki is an incredible tool to be used at any time in your life, but particularly when dealing with the heavier emotions from grief, anxiety, heart-ache and loss.
This modality of energy healing can be combined with all other modalities, both medical and non-medical and does not interfere with any medications.
This incredible energy healing modality supports you in your every-day life, and is an excellent tool to add to your wellness journey!
I invite you to come in and see for yourself what my client’s experience when they work with me!
You will feel lighter, completely relaxed, have peace of mind and be JOYFUL after your first session.
See you at The Beauty Barn soon!

Joy & light,
Sara xo

About Sara:
Sara is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Mentor for Women, Meditation Guide and the owner of Illuminated Joy. A survivor turned THRIVER over 25 years of toxic relationships, she has turned her pain into her purpose. Today, Sara works with Women through her signature 1:1 mentorship program called: The Evolution Path – a personal transformation & development mentorship for Women who’ve experienced emotionally abusive or toxic relationships. And she recently launched a monthly Collective, Elation Collective, to support a larger number of Women, guiding them on their spiritual and emotional healing journey.
You can experience Sara’s guided meditations during the summer months, at the Beauty Barn’s outdoor wellness space, the Gather & Glow experiential events; co-hosted with Corrie, Jules and Kait!
Sara’s body of work can be found on Instagram @illuminatedjoy.

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